Hey guys,

Pompuseyes is a collection of my personal taste in gay erotic media from videos, photos, interviews, stories and more.

A little bit about me,

I’m from the west rocky mountains and I’m currently a full time student studying art and have a separate job as well. I was raised in the Mormon church but fell away from it due to me being gay and also I was just not really feeling it. I’m a huge fan of creativity, art, music, fashion and  have separate websites for those. I started Pompuseyes.com in highschool, probably a bit younger that I should have been, but whatever. Living in a Mormon state makes it hard to come out so I turned to the internet for various reasons. I’m out now and am surprised how great my generation deals with it.

I really do appreciate you guys visiting pompuseyes.com, even though it’s pretty raunchy I’m proud of it haha.