Sweaty Roy Part 1

SWEATY ROY PART 1 Our neighbor Roy worked construction. He would always come home sweaty and tuckered out. He would usually have a cigarette or two to collect his thoughts after a days work. I would a... Read More

Uncle’s Piss

My uncle Don was staying with us for a few days. It was my cousins wedding and to save money he stayed with us.He has a thick  well maintained beard and huge smile. He is also very fit for someone in... Read More

His Cum

I always thought he was cute, we’ve been friends since childhood. so I was overly excited when he was able to spend the night. He wasn’t gay. or out, in better words.  His hair was short and brow... Read More

Playing with Eric

Eric would always invite me over, I don’t think he really ever wanted to do anything he just needed someone around. He would usually sit and play video games. I didn’t really mind. I would play ev... Read More