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  1. I love your videos site, it is without a doubt the best that I have cum across. I would like to download the videos but I don't seem able to so could you help me by explaining how I do it please. Many thanks.

  2. This has always been a great sight_ one of the few that I continue to follow. You're really good at posting pics and vids that appeal to to all walks of life. It's great fun to watch and participate in the hot/not. That said... This new format of yours sucks, and I may have to say goodbye. I'll miss your site! :-(

    1. I agree! I miss it too, the creators of this theme updated it and I didn't know it would change the whole thing. I'm trying to fine tune it now, it's pretty different. Could I ask what's the main issue with the format?

    1. Hey there, Go ahead and email the video to pompuseyes@gmail.com, I would love to see :)

  3. Hey can u post a link to the pictures in ur header.
    The three picture collage with the name of the website on it.

  4. You have some great content, but the pop-up thing is super annoying. I can appreciate that you need to generate revenue to pay for the site, but having to click on each link, then close a pop-up, then get taken to another page only to click again and close out yet ANOTHER pop-up...it's enough to make me want to leave. I suggest finding another method that doesn't avoid filling my screen with things I have to swat away like flies before I can see the content. I don't have this issue with other ad-based porn sites, and they seem to do just fine in the revenue area.

  5. Why do all your pages for still images show the image twice - first shown small, then shown large? Likewise, all your pages for videos show the video first in a small inset with controls that do not respond to play the video, and then in a larger inset, with controls that do respond to play the video. Why?


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