Story Submission: Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist

pompuseyes gay dentist   It was time to go to the dentist again, i had to get new retainers since my recent ones haven’t really been helping with my teeth anymore. On the ride there I couldn’t help but think about my hot orthodontist every time i went he seemed happy to see me. I know that’s probably what he does to everyone but it still made me happy. I had to make an early appointment today because i had other things planned later on. I noticed there were no cars in the parking lot except for one, and i knew that was probably the orthodontists. i entered the door looked around and it was empty of people. even the perky receptionist was gone. I knew I was early, but not that early. After looking around for a bit more i heard foot steps walking to wards me with a big toothed grin, it was was Dr. Stevenson. he had dark brown hair parted on the side very business like and had brown eyes that made it seem he could read your mind. his jaw line was beautiful and he had not shaved so he was a little scruffy. he wore a blue button up shirt that you could see his muscles underneath. and his black slacks that always made his bulge more appetizing. “you made it!” he said with a grin. ” yeah” I said sheepishly. “right this way” he said while rubbing my back and pointing to the reclining chair thing. he usually never touched me, but I enjoyed it. Even when we walked to my seat he gave my arm a little rub. I looked at him he gave me a half-smile and I blushed. I sat down and put my hands around my stomach. he put his mask on and layed my flat and started messing with my teeth. I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful face as he worked on me. his eyes with so much intensity. I knew it would be awkward if he saw me staring but i just couldn’t stop. finally he noticed. He locked hes brown eyes with mine and you could see a slow smile beneath his mask. I looked away embarrassed. so he went on and so did I with my staring. Then I noticed he stood up while working on my teeth. he would move around my chair. I’m guessing to get a better viewing angle on my teeth. then suddenly on my arm I felt something.I didn’t know what it was. I peaked and it was his bulge. resting on my fore arm. I was in heaven, he still seemed focused on my teeth but I swear he slowly started rubbing his bulge against my arm. I instantly got hard. and hoped he didn’t notice or maybe hoped he did. He went to another angle and now his bulge was about an inch from my face. I wanted to rip his pants off but I stared at it and I could see the shape of his penis. and to my pleasant surprise I noticed it was pulsating and getting bigger. he still seemed focused on my teeth but he thrust his bulge closer to my face.after a while he abruptly stopped working on my teeth and pulled of his mask and stared at me looking at his hidden package. my nose was now touching his crotch, we both froze, and I almost went crazy. I gently put my lips on his bulge slowly breathing out hot air. I looked back up at him in this probably awkward position, his eyes were burning as he resisted smiling. I raised up my right arm and put a good grip on his package as I did that he let out a little grunt that excited me even more. I searched and found the zipper and slowly pulled it down, I slid my hand in the zipper and what I found was amazing. his underwear had a damp spot because of the precum and I could feel his heart beat through his penis.I slid my fingers past the under wear finally reaching his thick hard penis, he gave a slight jolt while I pulled out his amazing cock. there it was facing me I grabbed his dick and kissed the precum off his juicy mushroom. while I admired his penis he unbuttoned his pants and slid off his underwear leaving his bottom half-naked. his penis was so desperate 8 inches of meat just waiting for me to devour it. so I wrapped my lips around his thick cock and started to deep throat him, I gagged a little at first but he didn’t mind. he put his hands behind his back as he slowly grinded his tool down my throat. His patch of hair smelled strong and musky. I would take a good smell every time he was completely in me. he grabbed my hair and started moaning while I went faster, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to lick and smell around his crotch like a hungry animal. licking his balls as they hung low. and my favorite was to smell the spot between his sack and leg. his dick was pressed against my cheek I looked up at him and he grabbed his dick and offered for me to eat it again. but instead I stood up facing him and unbuttoned his shirt. he had nice pecs I set my hands on them and he kissed my with so much lust, and togue. I went down his body licking sniffing and kissing it. I took his penis and put it in my mouth again i started to go fast. I was in heaven. and I could tell he was too as he arched his head back revealing his teeth with pleasure. I knew it was coming soon I pulled out his penis and stroked it slowly. hot cum shot all over my face as he yelled a semi loud “AHH” I was still stroking his penis while he knelt down to me and licked some cum off my nose I smiled and kissed his sexy lips. he got dressed and i washed up. we went out to the lobby where he held me close. he looked out the window to make sure no one was watching. while he hugged me he noticed my hard on. he grabbed it and smiled. ” we’ll take care of this guy next time.”