Pompuseyes Submissions 10-20-13

Thank you guys for the submissions. These were very hot. Feel free to send your submissions to pompuseyes@gmail.com or kik: pompuseyes Also if you want something said with your specific picture please tell me, I would be more than happy to place it on there. I believe I’ll be posting these every Sunday. Enjoy :) 8ffb8ebf-4960-4428-ba79-6d79cd2fee08 copy f090cb62-c0d3-4062-877b-1ef240589e39 copy c534381d-3002-450d-8336-876c3c2c6329 copy be4a1b2a-3ef3-4935-bf8a-72300ffd8274 copy ec46f006-6c86-4a2f-ba30-e25b645d2e8c copy 29ea1e6f-7d58-43b1-a9db-8a62c8373986 copy fd05d52b-9565-4a6d-be87-921562f0c996 copy 209e274c-8ff5-42e4-b7a5-d76e60dd33d6 copy